Who is Auntie Bob?

IMG_7428Hi All,

Auntie Bob is a real person, I live in the Pacific North West a bit north of Seattle, I moved up this way from central Calif. in 1999.

I got the name Auntie Bob from a buddy of mine (he is in some of my videos btw) he used to call me that & frankly it annoyed the hell out of me at first, but eventually it grew on me and well, now I own it! 

One of the questions I get often is, how did I get into porn?

Around 1997 the internet was really becoming a "thing", so I picked up a used computer… it was kinda crap. I became a fan of on-line porn, it was hard to find back then and video was not very available because of the painfully slow speeds.  I stumbled across some amateur gay porn and the light went on in my head, "I could do that!" and I started doing the homework to figure out how to do it.

Off I went learning how to make porn, I took a 4k loan out of my retirement plan and purchased everything I needed and shot 3 scenes of 2 different guys jacking off. By the time I had turned those 3 scenes into my first video I had $50.00 left out of that 4k and was starting to think, what the hell have I done!

I did not have a website then and had no clue how to get one, but there were newsgroups (bulletin boards), I posted a few image captures along with a printable order form and crossed my fingers. Before I knew it orders were pouring in, I made the 4k back in about 90 days… and…..

Auntiebob.com went on line about 6 months later in Sept. 1998!

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