The Greg & Joey Fuck Video Mystery



Back in the late 90’s I got a letter from a guy that wanted one of my first video releases.

He said he had a fuck video of him and his boyfriend in multiple scenes, that it was really hot, and would I be willing to trade one of my videos for it. Back then I would get all sorts of requests and attempts to get free porn and I insisted he send his video first and if it was legit I would send him the one he wanted.

A week or so later I got a vhs tape in the mail, with a note saying, enjoy the video and feel free do anything I liked with it.

On first glance it was slightly uncomfortable to watch a fairly aggressive top, power fuck the hell out of this bottom boy (read more to watch a clip).

What became really apparent after watching it through was this bottom boy could not get enough of that hard Aussie cock.

  • What is the story behind the “Greg & Joey” tape?
  • Watching the “Greg & Joey” tape arouses a lot more than questions, it leave us hard and wondering, what the heck was that?
  • Just who are Greg & Joey?
  • How old were they?
  • Where are they now?
  • The full video has two title cards. One reads “Greg & Joey Tape 2,” and about half way through, “Greg & Joey Tape 3” cuts in. Was there a Tape 1, or ?
  • Why rarely see Joey’s face (unobstructed by the feat of deep-throating)?
  • And we practically never see his dick, though the few glances we get show it to be absolutely hot.
  • What was Greg watching out for every time he looked behind the blinds? The parents? Roommates?

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The Warwick Rowers, LGBT Allies & Hot as Fuck!


The Warwick Rowers are probably best known around the world for their naked calendars, but also a real sports team, they have produced Olympic and world class competitive rowers.

enhanced-5396-1414782935-6The calendars help fund their sport, and enable them to fund an outreach programme they started to support to young gay people called Sport Allies.

Here they are featured on Buzfeed (be sure to check the video at the bottom) Follow them on twitter @naked_rowers

The calendar, videos photos and more can be ordered on their website: Warwick Rowers

Learn more about Sport Allies and how they are fighting homophobia in sport.


Listen to my radio interview with Johnny Dare!

My other business is Glory Hole To Go I was contacted by the  Johnny Dare radio show & did a live interview about Glory Hole To Go and managed to pop in a few mentions about Auntie Bob as well!








If you are using an idevice you might want to click here for a direct link to the mp3, I’m pretty sure the J. Dare site uses a flash player, otherwise: Johnny Dare Auntie Bob Interview.


Im a hot & cold kinda blogger!


Thanks for visiting my porn blog, I have been making amateur gay porn since 1998, I have produced a bunch of films my full website is here, this site is my blog & I go through phases with blogging… I get really into it & update quite a bit, then I get bored with it & stop blogging all together for a while. Hopefully you are here when Im into it!

One thing I never get tired of is fucking around with hot dudes. My favorite flavor would be dudes 18-28 ish, with that college boy look goin on… not that a tatted up scruffy man isnt going to inspire me to hit my kneez!