The Greg & Joey Fuck Video Mystery



Back in the late 90’s I got a letter from a guy that wanted one of my first video releases.

He said he had a fuck video of him and his boyfriend in multiple scenes, that it was really hot, and would I be willing to trade one of my videos for it. Back then I would get all sorts of requests and attempts to get free porn and I insisted he send his video first and if it was legit I would send him the one he wanted.

A week or so later I got a vhs tape in the mail, with a note saying, enjoy the video and feel free do anything I liked with it.

On first glance it was slightly uncomfortable to watch a fairly aggressive top, power fuck the hell out of this bottom boy (read more to watch a clip).

What became really apparent after watching it through was this bottom boy could not get enough of that hard Aussie cock.

  • What is the story behind the “Greg & Joey” tape?
  • Watching the “Greg & Joey” tape arouses a lot more than questions, it leave us hard and wondering, what the heck was that?
  • Just who are Greg & Joey?
  • How old were they?
  • Where are they now?
  • The full video has two title cards. One reads “Greg & Joey Tape 2,” and about half way through, “Greg & Joey Tape 3” cuts in. Was there a Tape 1, or ?
  • Why rarely see Joey’s face (unobstructed by the feat of deep-throating)?
  • And we practically never see his dick, though the few glances we get show it to be absolutely hot.
  • What was Greg watching out for every time he looked behind the blinds? The parents? Roommates?

I did think it was hot as fuck, and sent him the video he asked for along with a note asking for any other Greg & Joey videos he had.. I never got a reply.

My copy of ths 96 min video came from a guy claiming to be Greg. Even though he told me I could do anything I liked with it, I never sold it, but eventually I digitized it and made it into a dvd. (I would occasionally add it in as a freebie to an order for my good customers or as a “sorry for the fuck up” if there was ever a problem with an order.)

Just to contribute to the legend of this video… like I said, the guy I got it from claimed to be Greg and described it as a video of him and his boyfriend.

One thing that makes me lean towards believing he was Greg is the quality of the video,keep in mind I was in the porn biz and at the time everything was vhs. The copy I got was generally much better than I see streaming on the web, it’s obvious that most of them are a copy of a copy of a copy… (who knows how many steps away from that orig video). I had a pretty good eye for vhs quality and was highly aware of it, I doubt the copy I have is more than one or two steps away from the master.

VHS is not like digital where you can make as many copies as you like and they are identical. With VHS it was like using a copy machine to make a copy, then taking the copy and making a copy of it… with every step away from the origional the quality got worse and worse and it wasn’t amazing to begin with.

Here is a clip, if enough folks ask Ill see about making the whole thing available 🙂

Here’s what little I do know about the “Greg & Joey” tape most of it found out years after I got my hands on it.

Back then, reasonably good amateur porn was hard to come by, thats one of the reasons I got into the porn biz. If anyone remembers the “Rob Lowe Sex Tape” from the mid 80’s, that was about the caliber of home-grown tape that circulated at the time: grainy, clinical, and not very exciting. To come across something as provocative and confrontational as “Greg & Joey” was nearly unheard of, and it quickly gained a reputation.

“Rumor” has it Greg & Joey advertised their tape in the back of magazines. One of the few clear face shots we get of Joey on the tape is an introduction (between tapes “2” & “3”), where he tells viewers about an 800 number where they can call for more tapes (my copy of the tape cut off and I’ve only heard the “800 number” story from other collectors). But no other tapes ever surfaced that I am aware of,  it’s possible the 100% full length version is floating around somewhere. If you have it I would love to hear from you.

The nature of their relationship on the tape borderlines uncomfortable, but never ceases in its watchability. Their roles as “top” and “bottom” are clearly defined. Greg has a particularly aggressive approach to his topping, which is wildly exciting, but borders being “mean.” The amount of “shut up” we hear directed towards the uncontainable Joey (which Greg extends to covering Joey’s face with a pillow at one point), is only balanced by Joey’s “bitch in heat” style lust towards Greg’s dick.

Joey clearly wants to capture as much of Greg’s heat as possible, and in any hole that Greg can stuff it into. The desire that flows through Joey transforms him into a vessel of pure cock pleasure. Joey’s performance on this tape is a learning kit for anyone interested in cock worship.

At times, there’s even some affection between Greg and Joey, a bit of making out, a bit of embracing. After all the “shut up” and merciless butt pounding, a bit of affection. It’s cute. Maybe odd, or confusing, but still cute.

Today on the internet, some of their clips are labeled “brothers” or “step brothers.” Back in the day of heavy tape trading, anything labeled “brothers” was of particular note, and also curated a flurry of interest. The thing is, despite all the curiosity surrounding “Greg & Joey,” I never heard anyone refer to the tape with a “brothers” label. So I believe the “brothers” tag on the internet to be an invention of whoever posted the clip online, otherwise it would have been a selling point of its initial circulation.

But I have seen recent porn on the internet that directly references this tape (there’s even a “remake”). It’s also been the source of speculation for porn-bloggers, who are also intrigued by its mysterious nature. At least 15 years since I first saw this tape, it is still a game changer. And in the day of every guy with an iPhone taking a dick pic, a trail blazer for the shape of porn to come.

Anyway, thats what I know about it… do you know anything?

Auntie Bob


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